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Mineral Harmony Reset


Helping Purpose-driven Workaholics Ignite Their Body’s True Healing Potential by Mastering a Nutrient Rich Diet and Active Lifestyle So They Can Get Back to Excelling at Their Career!

"A Hopeful Experience!"

"Helpful & Eye-opening!"

"Im not craving sugar anymore!"

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prioritize plants

LEARN to prioritize nutrient dense plants like dark green leafy vegetables, low-glycemic fruits, nuts, seeds, some gluten-free grains and beans/legumes so that you keep electrolytes in and inflammation out of your body!

intermittent fasting

IMPLEMENT a fasting and intermittent fasting strategy to put as much time as you can between meals so you can prevent spiking insulin, your fat storing hormone. As long as insulin is in excess due to high blood glucose the body will not totally heal or burn fat.

low-carb lifestyle

IGNITE a lifestyle rich in healthy fats, medium amounts of protein, and very little to no carbs & sugar so your body actually uses the fuel to function, fuel which comes from your own body fat! CLEAN ENERGY!

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to change your mode!

Start Living Inflammation-free, Restoring Hormone Balance & Experiencing Natural Energy Overflow in Just 6 Weeks!

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"THIS BOOK!!! Such an educational, simplistic, witty, reinforcing, convincing and convicting easy read!"

"If you're ready to make a change for the better this is a good book to start with. Then apply the principles and see the changes happen."

"Everyone should be able to complete the CHANGE YOUR MODE challenge."

"I can honestly say this is the first health related book that I have not only been able to get through, but not be able to put down. It was very thoughtfully laid out and extremely easy to comprehend."

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meeT Coach Justin

Welcome to Change Your Mode! I'm Justin your Mindset & Metabolic Health Coach and I've had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of men, women and children how to overcome disease and bad lifestyle habits.

My faith in God guides me and I believe the body is created with the ability to self-heal. My mission is to share my knowledge, support you on your health journey and to introduce you to healing foods and a healthy lifestyle.


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Jessica's 90-Day Journey

Mother of 3, Jessica desired healthy habits and a healthy body. She was ready to begin a plant-based lifestyle. All she needed was a little guidance from a Vegetarian Keto Coach! 

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Teri's 6-Week Journey

She Didn't Want to have surgery and in Just 6 Weeks Teri Totally Transformed Her Mindset and Healing Journey!

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Raquel's 90-Day Journey

Raquel has been making health a top priority. Her job as a 1st responder cant be done to the best of her ability if she isn’t at her top form. After trying vegetarian keto for 90-days she’s experienced a major shift!

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watch More amazing client transformations stories!

“I had my first annual physical since doing your program last May, and I am happy to report that my labs are “Looking great“ according to my doc. Good cholesterol, bad cholesterol, triglycerides, hematocrit, and a bunch of other metrics are all right where they need to be. And I eat peanut butter and eggs like it’s my job!"

Matt L., GA


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Are you frustrated with your growing waistline? Stuck with that last 20lbs? Feeling sluggish & burned out? I'll help you shrink your waist & TRIPLE your energy in 90 Days!

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