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INcredible client success stories!

Jessica went from Eating no Vegetables her Whole Life to Transforming her Whole Lifestyle

and Lost Considerable Inches in her Waist!

How She Overcame Her Sugar Addiction in 6 weeks 

(while losing belly fat and gaining better focus) 

Mikkie is an intelligent, young professional living in Miami, Florida who has an outstanding career and a giant vision for her future. She’s just missing one thing: She’s simply looking to live a healthy lifestyle but she needs a little help. When she takes on the Change Your Mode challenge, her life is forever changed by the experience of intermittent fasting. This is the journey no one ever sees. This is the back story that few have the courage to share. Her raw and vulnerable testimony will captivate and inspire you to push yourself towards your best, healthy life!

 6 Weeks is All It Took For Her To Unlock Her Strongest Self and Healthiest Lifestyle of Her Life

Racquel feels like she's finally in her prime! As a health-care worker, she sees up close and in person what state our world is in today. It's so important for our health-care workers to feel at there best as they look after the rest of us. Racquel's goal of weight-loss comes secondary to her goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, feeling strong and confidently handling whatever emergency the job throws her way. If you feel like you keep trying to live a healthy lifestyle but keep failing after a couple months, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

 She Didn't Want to have Surgery and in Just 6 Weeks Totally Transformed Her Mindset and Healing Journey

She's not on this health journey to lose. She came to win! It all started with a prayer and God's leading to a program called Change Your Mode.

She couldn't find a solution to her hereditary disease until now! Amazing testimony 90-Day

pain and inflammation turn around!

After, 6 months of training and after reaching out for coaching from, she is going to crush a goal she always thought was impossible: Running and Finishing a Half Marathon. 

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