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Change your mode!
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Reader Reviews 

"Very informative! Easy to read, understand, and apply to your life! I will be getting my friends and family to read and help change their life style!"

"...the book is written the way one would speak so I could actually feel your encouragement to readers who have an interest in the KETO lifestyle. It's all about the good choices."

"I have thoroughly enjoyed read this book. It has been put together and laid out in a way that is easy to understand and follow. There are some things I already knew but I have learned so much, too! I will apply that which I’ve read by God’s help."

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Book Description

Whether you’re a veteran of the active, healthy lifestyle or you’ve recently decided to embrace the benefits of such choices, you surely understand how important it is to treat this entire process as a continuum, and not a momentary change. If what you need is an encouraging (re)start,

CHANGE YOUR MODE is the ideal choice!
Far from being the ordinary “tips and tricks” fitness and nutrition anthology, CHANGE YOUR MODE offers you a step-by-step, down to earth philosophy based on simple, well-known ideas, which will retrain your mind to stop making excuses and take control of your body. You’ll learn the value of a balanced, healthy lifestyle, motivating you to start making good choices which will strengthen you mentally and physically.

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