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Health tips

Some helpful videos to get you started with your healthy lifestyle change. 

What you’re missing out on if you dont drink DGVS! 
(Dark GReen VEggie Smoothies)5min.

You’re not getting nearly enough potassium, magnesium or fiber as you should be. You probably think of bananas for potassium, but what if I told you that you'd need 11X more  than a banana to fill your daily recommended amount! 

IMG_9769 REPLACE.jpg
DGV blank food pic .jpg

why you should choose blending veggies instead of juicing fruits

Blending vs Juicing: What's the difference? Nothing like a DGV-Dark Green Veggie smoothie to boost your energy, make you feel lighter, and make everything right with your day. Is there really a difference between green juice and a green smoothie tho?  Watch to find out!

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